Seven Mothers,,


Does it matter what I look like, that you think me boy or girl?

Does it matter if my hair is short; or long, and holds a curl?

Does it matter if I feel as if, Nature got my body wrong?

Because I see the world from eyes, that sing a different song.

Why does my self offend you? Why can’t I wear a dress?

Why are adults so scared to know, ALL the ways that I am blessed?

At one I signed to say, what at two I could read out.

At three I dressed in mummy’s heels, and danced myself about.

At four I asked to be a girl, at five I watched my teachers start to hate.

At six we moved to feel more safe; and I am stronger, now I’m eight.

But bullies come from all back-grounds, all kinds of occupations;

They judge me ‘weird’ and silence me; I’ve become a ‘bad’ relation.

But what if they are incorrect, and there is no ‘boy’ or ‘girl’?

Then the only ‘deviation’, is in how we see the world.

I see in all of Nature, a great diversity;

If God loves all our features, then why can’t I be ME?

You ask me what I need today. I want to raise alarm:

I need more super heroes, to rescue kids from harm.

Please tell your friends and neighbours you know someone just like me,

That despite my gender questioning: I’m as normal as can be.

This child is not an enemy, no matter which bathroom I choose,

If you can’t begin to understand me, then both of us will lose.

The right to be just who we are, without judgement or rebuke;

And live the life we feel is right, with dignity and truth.