‘Twas the month before Christmas,

On youtube, yahoo, and Twitter
An email went viral – and it was a little bit bitter…
A generic wish for a ‘happy holiday’ season,
Was criticized harshly as religious treason?

Since November 15th radios blare Christian carols,
As shoppers are sifting through racks, baskets and barrels.
There are food drives, and fundraisers, and creches’ and stuff,
Majority rules – but what?  That’s just not enough?

And mamma in her hijab, and I in my yarmulke
Can say Happy Eid, Happy Kwanza, or Happy Hannukah.
So if we can do this without raising a clatter,
Can someone explain what the hell is the matter?

Away to Wikipedia I flew like a flash,
Tore into websites, and opened my flask.
For centuries our soldiers fought for us to be free,
And choose to become, whoever we wanted to be.

Our freedom is shared no matter the greeting,

So why are the Tories constantly bleeting?

When what to my blurry eyes should appear,
But Santa on Skype with a bud in his ear…
“Hey people!” he posts to his wall on face-book,
“Get a grip! Kindness to others – is NOT a big joke!”

More rapid than eagles the comments came quick:
“Now the PC Police have brainwashed St. Nick!”
An atheist posts: “Christmas traditions are from the pagan rite Yule.”,
A Sikh meditates: “Don’t kids of all faiths – learn The Golden Rule?”

Santa whistled, and shouted, and called everyone’s bluff,
He hit the send button, posted a note that was gruff:
“Now Muslims! Now Jews! Now Hindus! Now Christians!
On Bhuddists, On Taoists, On Rastas and Wiccans!
To the top of the food chain! Step away from the mall!
Start learning from others, and give time to all!”

With fast flying thumbs, Santa twittered with speed,
“Christmas or Kwanza – it doesn’t matter the creed!
For your God is great – and their God is too,
And if you share with good faith, you will learn something new.

So write all your Christmas cards and decorate trees,
Host holiday parties as much as you please!
Sing in your pageants, and decorate halls,
String up your lights, play carols in stalls!
And when you have freely expressed all of yourself: well THEN…
Give others a chance… to share their own Zen.
Wishing strangers and friends a happy holiday season,
Shows a little respect, which is a plenty good reason.
For this isn’t the holiday for only one God –
How could ‘do unto others’ – be thought of as odd?

Like the fury of those who have the power to choose,
Are those who see equity as something to ‘lose’.

The ones who claim Christians are losing their place,

As the only true calling of service and grace.

Yet the spirit of Christmas: service, peace and goodwill,
Is shared by all faiths – and abides in us still.

Santa sprang from the webcam and cupped his right ear,
He listened and strained with hope he would hear;

People wishing each the other the joy in their heart,

No matter the language – it’s a very good start.

The whisper of humble, for two weeks of the year:
Peace be upon you. Come in. Have no fear.

Christmas, 2009